Month: September 2017

Vaping – The Pros and The Cons

Whether your vaporizer is giving you pleasure from the nicotine or THC, the pros and cons are readily available for your argument and input. Not everyone is going to enjoy the same style, thus why there are so many options out there that are unique.

Here, we are going to look at what the pros offer us and what the cons offer us. After looking this over, the intention here to provide you enough information that you can determine which is right for you, if anything at all.

healthVaping Pros

You get off those stinky sticks of tobacco! Yes, vaping looks a lot like cigarette smoking, but as you know, they are nothing alike. First, a smoker walks around smelling like tobacco all day while a vaper may smell like cinnamon buns, candy, fruit, or a woodsy smell.

You feel better and will get more exercise. What a smoker doesn’t realize is that when they smoke traditional cigarettes, they don’t have as much energy and as such, they aren’t as active. You won’t find a pack-a-day smoker in the gym exercising! This results in smokers becoming overweight which can lead to depression which can lead to a host of other health issues.

Vapers look better. Your skin and teeth become brighter because their body is getting better circulation. They aren’t as irritable, and they lose that smoker’s cough.  A vaper’s sense of smell and taste returns and that makes going out to eat much better.

You save money, and who doesn’t want to do that?! A basic electronic cigarette starter kit cost approximately $30 or less, and you’ll get that back in brief time because you won’t be buying traditional cigarettes at $10-$15 a pack. Of course, you can spend more on different vape mods, but your biggest expense will be buying the juices and replacement coil each week.

Variety is the spice of vaping! You will have a wide range of flavors to choose from in the e-juices and when it comes to the electronic cigarette’s mods, there are several assorted styles. Choose the one that fits your character and your personality.

Custom fit your nicotine need. Traditional cigarettes come with a specific level of nicotine but electronic cigarettes you can choose your level of nicotine. This means you can use less and keep lowering the amount of nicotine until you no longer have any nicotine use.

your health

Vaping Cons

You’ll most likely experience dry mouth, but then other people experience dry mouth too – especially people on a lot of medications. The answer to that is to increase your water intake.

You may experience dizziness, but smokers also experience dizziness. Because nicotine is a stimulant, when you inhale it, it can make you dizzy. With electronic cigarettes or traditional cigarettes, when you feel dizzy or light headed, the best thing to do is put down the e-cig or cigarette and rest awhile. Your dizziness could be totally unrelated to either one too.

Caution is advised if you have allergies when choosing your e-juice flavors. There is chocolate and nut flavors as well as fruits and woods and many of them are a derived from nature. PG or VG can cause allergic reactions too.

Judgement will be there from others! Even though e-cigs have become popular the past few years, there are clueless people that judge vaping and those who partake in vaping. But everything we do in life is judged by somebody, right?