From Smoker’s Cough To Vaper’s Cough

vapers lungsIsn’t it funny how so many people are worried about the pollution from automobiles and industries causing health problems and irritating our lungs, but think nothing of somebody vaping? People worry about the cancer, diseases, endless health issues that cigarette smoking causes, but again, they don’t think anything about somebody vaping.

While research and studies are still new and vague in regard to electronic cigarettes and vaping, researchers are finding that there is a vaper’s cough. Similar to a smoker’s cough, sounding a lot like bronchitis, with phlegm and all, the vaping trend is leading to another trend: Vaper’s cough.

And what’s more concerning about vaper’s cough, it has become more present in teens!  Recently, a research team asked two thousand junior and senior students in California high schools about vaping.

The 2,000 participants were asked if they had experienced any respiratory issues such as coughs, especially coughs that produced phlegm. Approximately 500 admitted they had vaped, with 200 of them in the last thirty days.

Those who had vaped recently were found to be two times more likely to be diagnosed with chronic bronchitis than those that never had vaped. Those that had vaped before but in the last 30 days were just as likely to be diagnosed with chronic bronchitis as the recent vaping students.

What Are Symptoms And Causes Of Bronchitis?

bronchitisBronchitis is when the lung’s airways are inflamed or irritated by gases or particles. When we breath in assaulting particles regularly, our lungs respond by coughing, or bronchitis. Bronchitis can often lead to wheezing, and the coughing often brings up phlegm. Other factors that can cause bronchitis are bacterial infections, colds, flu, as well as chemicals, tobacco, and pollution.

When these symptoms do not clear up and go away, the cough caused by bronchitis is often called “smoker’s cough.” If a person has a daily cough that has lasted 90 days straight, they are usually diagnosed as having chronic bronchitis.

It is no secret that a long-time cigarette smoker is prone to develop permanent lung damage as they age. The research on vaping hasn’t been around long enough to determine if long-time vapers will experience this too.

The Fruity Flavors Are The Draw

The juice used in electronic cigarettes come in a variety of flavors, many of them are fruity and sweet. It is those flavors that have attracted more teens according to a new study. When the flavors are candy-scented or fruit flavored, it draws more young people, which is why the USDA banned flavored cigarettes in 2009 except for menthol flavored.

Teens tend to believe that if it has a pleasant taste, it isn’t dangerous to their health. However, studies have found that some of the flavoring, such as the cinnamon extract, are just as harmful. Research has found that when the flavors are removed, fewer teens are vaping.

There is no doubt that the more studies that are completed, and the more information those studies provide, there will be more new laws and policies put in place in regard to electronic cigarettes, their juices and the act of vaping.